Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Without the aid of 911 or Katrina, the last 8 years of relatively important to silly to down right stupid and duplicitous questioning of President Bush motivations about the ECONOMY and about the MILITARY have ALL come come to roost upon President B. Hussein Obama. To read a litany of all these important NY Times questions all neatly summarized and put in parody, check out my article on facebook here.

For those without facebook the eighteen questions involve; threat to national sovereignty, national defense, UN involvement, House approval, stonewalling protests, accusation of Nazi tactics, questions of the captured getting a fair USA trial or Gitmo, oil in Somalia, perceptions of being the world bully, will Cindy Sheehan camp out at the ranch in N. Chicago, by killing some pirates aren't we assured that we are creating hundreds more, what about the poor, what about hegemony, what about empire, what about world perceptions, what about revenge for Clinton's failure at Mogadishu, Somalia, etc.

You can probably think up a dozen more that were so important and serious that now are overlooked in favor of a commander in chief who single handedly 'gave the order to shoot' who rides forth on his white horse to conquer in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, has a larger military budget that Bush or McCain proposed, and now is embarking on a military campaign in our national interests in Somalia, again.

Nevermind. Oh look, he is looking right at me. Oh, I feel that tingle. Isn't Michelle absolutely lovely!


Solameanie said...

Feeling the tingle, LOL.

Too bad we don't arm the ships, and too bad we don't have a destroyer in the region with a portable electric chair.

Joe B. Whitchurch said...

Sola meanie, you've done it again. Electricity and water are a dangerous mix. Perhaps three meals a day, a free Koran, a Koran reading room, prayer rug and such at Gitmo? Toss in a few current administration embarrassment motivated trial lawyers...and that's more the idea I think.

I'm glad we are providing aid to the poor in Somalia but like anything, distribution partners with integrity is important. This is tricky. I hear some of the ships do not want to be armed.

This sets up the Navy Seals beautifully to become the USA, blue helmeted food distribution enforcers. You and I know they didn't train for this but can't you see that it is really beautiful in its own way.

And who cares what N.Korea and Iran are doing when we can use our military best to spoon feed the pirates and their buddies back in Somalia, so they don't have to be so angry, and act-out of their brain stem and get loopy during boating lessons from the relief ship captains.

Electric chair...you aren't one of those 'clingeres' are you?