Wednesday, June 15, 2011

George Soros and the Islamic Brotherhood, Strangelove

What? You mean to say the people who are saying not to be concerned that the Muslim Brotherhood seem to be Islamicizing relatively secular Muslim and Arab nations throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and that we should not only NOT concerned but should have such political representative political-groups here as funded by civilization, nation, baby destroying anarchist and legalized hard drug advocate George Soros? No. Surely you jest. My tongue is bursting through my cheek. Clearly this is exactly the sort of thing he funds when not funding Saul Alinsky variety neo Marxist socialist radicals in the West. What's in your wallet? Now why would someone like Soros do such a thing, does he love Islamic law? Nope. But he does love destroying civilization and believes Islam and Marx will punch it out in the end and Marx will prevail. But where will that leave billionaire extraordinaire? Amazingly like most atheists who actually don't believe or ultimately care about anything...well...I doubt he cares.


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